All of the roasting is done on-site, and then packaged in 250g bags for you to enjoy at home and on your travels. We also prepare our own roasted coffee for you to enjoy in shop as espresso or filter, using the pour-over brewing method that we grew to love so much in California (where we ventured from). We're so happy to be serving Cardiff such local, fresh and (let's face it) freakin' tasty coffee!

The name Lufkin originates from the word ‘love’:

that pretty much says it all.

We drew our original inspiration for Lufkin from friends and farmers in Nicaragua, a Santa Barbara sunset, the blue waters of Lake Tahoe and a magical trip through Wales. All of us have experienced those times in life, where we stop, and really take in the moment.
Enjoying coffee has that quality, allowing us to step aside from our everyday comings and goings and take a moment. To experience a conversation, a quiet, a comfort.